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IT'S not just a candle ~ IT'S A VIBE


It's A Vibe

Our products are made with the expectation to guide you into a vibe of relaxation , rejuvenation and fragrance bliss.


SOY Candles

Did you know your soy candle infused with essential oils makes a nourishing massage oil? Simply light the candle and wait about 20-30 minutes until a melt pool forms. Extinguish the flame, dip your fingers into the oil (or drip onto the body) and apply directly to the skin. The warmed oil can be directly massaged into the skin, leaving the skin smooth, soft, and pleasantly scented.

* Those allergic to nut based products should not use Soy candles on the skin because they contain soy and sometimes other ingredients such as: jojoba or other nut based shea oils. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.


LUX Fragrance Oils

Our LUX MULTI- PURPOSE fragrance Oils hold a long lasting aroma that travels throughout the atmosphere exposed.

•  Use 2-3 drops in a warmer or mist diffuser and the fragrance travels.

•   Mix the oil with unscented lotions or Shea Butter

•    Drop 1-2 drops of oil directly into your car vents/carpet mats

•    Use directly on skin for body fragrance (persons with skin allergy and or nut allergy- DO NOT USE ON SKIN)

LUX Muilt-purpose OILS

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About Us

The Fragrance

Are you ready for a new candle experience? Luxury Wick is not just a candle~ a long lasting, luxury scented soy candle with luxury Vessel designs.

Massage and Moisturize

Capture tranquility as well as indulge with a luxurious fragrance warm soy oil design to pamper, rejuvenate the senses, and restore the body and mind.


Luxury Wick has created a serene, relaxing, and fun candle for any atmosphere. These hand crafted-poured soy candle comes in luxurious aromas.

Luxury wicks is LIT! They burn sooo good. These long lasting luxurious fragrances light up the room and make my skin feel amazing!

Ms. Chanel C.

My mom loves Lavender Fields. We rub her down nightly with it and her sleep is amazing

Rita J

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Author's name

Luxury Wicks Candle Company is AMAZING!

I started with the candle and moved to the wax melts. The aroma fills the room and beyond. It even moisturizes the skin. When I give it as a gift, I always end up getting orders for more.


OMG, we love Luxury Wicks candles! The smell amazing, created by a Queen and they are great gifts. Did I mention that the presentation is absolutely ridiculous ! Everyone should have Luxury Wicks in there home.